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To say that I like to take pictures is an understatement.  I would say that it is my passion, my dream job, my creative domain.  That is why starting a photography business seemed like an obvious decision, and one that should have been made years ago.  Research says it takes ten years or 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something.  While I haven’t been fully focused on the technical details of portraiture for ten years, my passion started back when I was a child.

“Aunt Janet, why are we stopping?”

“Because I have to get a picture of this sunset!”

Ten minutes down the road…

“Are we pulling over again?”

“Yes – the colors have changed so much – I have to get another picture!”

Another ten minutes…


“Just one more, I promise.”

As an eight year old, every road trip near dusk with my Aunt Janet resulted in the car on the shoulder of the highway, and my little brother and I looking impatiently out the window at my aunt, who was down in the ditch trying to capture yet another Nebraska sunset.  I couldn’t possibly understand why she would need so many pictures of sunsets, let alone two or three of the same one, separated by 10 minutes or so.

Sure enough, though, as my own interest began to grow, I would come home from vacations to Estes Park with 15 shots of the mountains (from my 110 film camera), differing only slightly according to the direction I was turned.  I would take a photo, rotate 15 degrees, take another, rotate again, take another…I could have put together a pretty cool panoramic view, if only Photoshop software existed in 1989.  And digital images.

My mom hated these pictures.  “Take pictures with people in them!  Nobody wants to have a hundred pictures of the same mountain!”  What I didn’t realize then was that I was developing an eye for capturing the perfect scene.

Today, my love for photography still results in lots of scenic views and sunset photos.  If my camera is with me, and the sky is painted in shades of red and gold, you can bet I will snap a photo.  We’ve come a long way from the days of 110 film, and the digital age allows me to shoot these scenes at my leisure without any penalty for a blurry shot, or wasted money on developed film that sits in a box in my closet.  My deck overlooks a field on the edge of town, and the view of the sky from there will provide picturesque sunsets until my heart is content.

Here are some recent snapshots.


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