About A&D

aly and dylan’s photography is great photography at a great price, from great people. Capturing the little moments, finding creative shots, bringing out the personality of our “models” and telling a story with a lens is what our photography is all about. Look around our site and you’ll quickly get a sense for our style. Our passion is documenting real life through the art of photography. Every image you see here is a moment in real life we’ve captured with a camera–some even with a point and shoot camera! Every inch of this site was created by us in order to show you, our favorite person (a potential customer!) that we are passionate about what we do.

Aly and Dylan are a husband and wife team of photographers and each brings their own unique styles to the camera. To be sure, Aly was more the photographer at the start, having had a solid interest since her high school yearbook days, but Dylan has always been very artistic and enjoyed working on the computer (he even built this website!). It didn’t take long before Aly’s love for photography rubbed off on Dylan, and the seeds for the photography business were sewn.Aly and Dylan met as high school sophomores at a leadership camp (see www.nebraskaleadership.org) and became quick friends. Several years later, friendship turned to dating, and eventually, several new camera purchases later, in June, 2004, they were married.

our philosophy

documenting life through art: Photographs should capture the essence of your personality. While we have favorite shooting locations and poses, we want your session to be unique. We tend to do less formal posing, and instead try to portray your individuality by using unique angles, candid shots, stolen glances, and “real” smiles. Our photographs will capture unique moments so they not only become a record of your life, but works of art. We feel truly honored to be entrusted with preserving your memories.

There are two costs associated with hiring a professional photographer, the cost of the photographer’s time and talent, and the cost of the final prints. Some photographers offer you virtually no cost on your final prints by transferring a copy of all images to you on a DVD, CD, flash drive or other media and letting you handle the printing. However, they make up the cost in their session fees or hourly rate (a.k.a. time and talent), in the cost they charge for the DVD, CD, etc., or worse yet, by providing poor customer service and quickly moving on to the next photo shoot on their calendar (high volume + budget price—the Wal-Mart model).

We believe in providing excellent customer service, and that means handling fulfillment, post production, archiving and vendor issues on your behalf. We do not transfer ownership of high quality digital photographs. We believe this does a disservice to you, the customer. By transferring ownership, you also become the new “owner” of the fulfillment and archiving process.

This includes:

  • Evaluating and choosing a quality print vendor
    • Choosing a budget print vendor likely will result in inconsistent color output, either within the same order fulfillment, or when placing multiple orders
    • Budget print vendors use budget paper prone to aging, fading, and discoloration over time
  • Resolving customer service issues with the print vendor
  • Calibrating your monitor to guarantee consistency between what you see on the screen and what you’ll receive from the print vendor (monitor calibration software: $199)
  • Maintaining a secure archive of your images should your copy of images become damaged, lost, infected with a virus, or otherwise unusable
  • Managing post-production image corrections, blemish touch ups, or other changes (professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop retails for $699)

Our photographs are works of art, and we only produce art of the highest quality. When we provide you with high quality prints of your photographs, we know you’ll be pleased for years to come.